My resume

Christine VarnièreI have lived for more than 20 years with the information technology. I have evolved in the world of computing since I started as a programer, then a multimedia integrator, then a project manager. From multimedia products on CD-Rom to internet sites in HTML, then to WordPress, the transition was natural.

I have worked sometimes as an employee, but more often as a freelancer, today I’m self-employed. I like  projects related to education, culture and art, and the ones that promote ecology and sustainable development, as well as health and well-being.

Personal choices of life also led me to live 2 years in New York, and then 13 years in Lisbon, and then 6 years in Paris and also 3 years in Berlin. Enough to develop my abilities of adaptation, flexibility and understanding other realities.

In a few words here is my resume:

Webmaster (since 2000)

  • Sites and blogs programming
  • Content research and structuring
  • WordPress integration
  • HTML/CSS programming
  • Referencing / SEO


  • Blog Vers une vie équilibrée
  • Atelier Elisabeth Vardasca
  • Société Française de Sophrologie
  • Artiste peintre Saulo Silveira
  • Siemens Portugal, Information & Communication Dpt


Communication assistant (since 2003)

  • Content research and structuring
  • Administrative management
  • Organization of events
  • Expats Relocation assistance (in Portugal)
  • Websites updating


  • Société Française de Sophrologie
  • LisbonRelocationOffice
  • LisbonCommunicationOffice

Significant undertakings

  • Annual congress SFS in Paris from 2006 to  2010
  • Annual meeting of Sophrologie Plurielle from 2006 to  2010
  • Editing the congress proceedings from 2006 to 2013
  • Creation of local information guide for expats (Lisbon)
  • Newsletters


Translator (since 1994)

Main clients

  • AP Tradutores, Portugal
  • Beta Projectos Editoriais, Portugal
  • Sublimages, Spain
  • ART International, France


  • English- French
  • Portuguese – French
  • Italian French

Significant undertakings

  • Website of Tourism Department of Madeira
  • Software user manuals for Alcatel
  • Articles for Encyclopedia Luso-Brasileira
  • Tourist brochures
  • Subtitling documentaries


Project Manager (1994 – 2000)

  • Cd-Roms publishing
  • Budgeting
  • Team management
  • Graphic design
  • Programming

Clients (in Portugal)

  • Porto Editora, leader in educational products
  • Ediprof, eductional publisher
  • Aguia Informática, games and cultural products publisher

Significant undertakings

  • For Porto Editora:  2 CDRoms on Portuguese theater plays from the XVIth century
  • For Ediprof: 3 CDRoms for an English learning method and 2 CDRoms for a French learning method
  • For Aguia Informática: 1 cdrom on Portuguese poetry XVIth century (The Lusiads) – diffusion in Portugal, Spain, France and UK; cdrom «Gal’Art», presentation of European contemporary painters.